Ethical & Trustworthy AI

The Ethics chapter focuses on all elements needed to build trustworthy AI solutions. We keep up with the latest evolutions and regulations in the field and ensure that best practices are integrated into our projects and ways of working.  


Creating business value while minimizing risks

As a leader in AI, we believe it is our responsibility to also be a forerunner on the topic of ethical and robust AI. At ML6, ethical considerations are embedded in all of our business processes - from assessing ethical risks of potential projects, to designing and developing trustworthy AI solutions. 

To ensure that we stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field, we have a team of ML6 agents dedicated to the topic of Ethical AI. This enables us to advise our clients on ethical risks and upcoming regulatory requirements, and to integrate best practices and ethical AI principles in the design and development of our AI solutions. Our goal is to ensure that we maximize the business value of our AI solutions while minimizing ethical and legal risks.  

Organizational Measures

Involvement in public
debate & regulation

The European Union is working on a horizontal regulation of AI - the EU AI Act - which will have a significant impact on companies developing or providing high risk AI solutions.

We closely collaborate with both private and public organisations to provide input and feedback on this and other relevant regulations and standardisation efforts, prepare for the upcoming changes and help guide our clients through them.

Employee training &

A first step to being able to develop Trustworthy AI solutions is to identify potential ethical risks early on. Awareness among all people involved in the process, from sales agents to engineers, is crucial. 
At ML6, we train all our employees to identify risks, which allows us to design and develop our solution in a trustworthy manner. Technical employees on a higher risk project receive support from our Ethical AI experts and can rely on our best practices to mitigate potential risks. 

Ethical AI advisory board 

Ethically sensitive projects, whether from the upcoming regulation perspective or beyond legal considerations, are discussed in an internal ethical advisory board. The goal is to identify potential risks early on, considering the input and knowledge of a diverse team of Ethical AI experts, and define risk mitigation actions to take during design and development of the AI solution.


The Trustworthy AI field is evolving rapidly. We closely follow the latest developments in the market and actively research best practices and ways to further develop our toolsets to make our projects more trustworthy (check out for example our quick tip on gender debiasing of documents or our webinar on Explainable AI). 

Latest research in Ethics

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