NLP chapter

The NLP Chapter is the ML6 special division on all things related to Natural Language Processing.

We try to tackle all relevant areas of Natural Language Processing: all things information extraction, speech recognition, sequence to sequence modelling under the roof of a single internal powerhouse.


We are machine learning engineers at heart.We build and deploy tools, demos and boilerplates to bootstrap ML6 project work and showcase the value of Natural Language Processing in a wide variety of areas.


NLP research is happening at dazzling speed. By exploring trending and relevant AI papers and topics, we keep up to date with the latest and greatest in our field.

No transformer left behind!


We love to show and share our work. Head over to our use cases to see what we’re up to or have fun with one of our NLP-powered demos.

Come check us out on Huggingface and Github as well!


Terms & Conditions Summarizer 📝

Apply state of the art extractive and abstractive summarization on website Terms of Service to get a quick and concise focus on the main points.

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Building Beautiful Knowledge Graphs With REBEL

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DOCRtor : Simulate common OCR errors for Dutch texts and use the finetune the character-based ByT5 model to correct them.

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NLP Quick Tips

GPT2 Quantization using ONNXRuntime

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Text Augmentation using large-scale LMs and prompt engineering

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Gender debiasing of documents using simple CDA

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Dynamic E-language learning
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