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ML6 is a pioneering AI expert firm that offers a wide range of services to help organisations realise business value with AI.


Enabling organisations to create
business value with AI

We work together with organisations to create business value through AI. We design, build and run custom AI solutions for and with our clients. We also help companies expand their own AI capabilities by helping develop and evolve their AI skills, ways of working, and tech stack and tooling. Whether you are just getting started or AI is already widely embedded in your organisation, together we can take you to the next level.

A holistic approach to AI

We leverage our extensive and broad AI expertise to uniquely tailor our services to each of our clients. As our goal is to create business value fast, we look at AI holistically so that we can propose the best way forward for each of our clients based on their specific needs.

We have the expertise to accompany organisations through the entire AI journey. From use case ideation and assessment, to designing, building and deploying solutions, to support & maintenance, and further scaling and evolving solutions.

We develop bespoke machine learning solutions end-to-end. This means we don’t just write the ML software - but we help source internal and external data, select the right hardware, including cameras, sensors, edge devices and develop front-end applications. We handle the whole front-to-back solution and involve the best specialist partners when needed.

We help remove all barriers to technology adoption. Whether it’s about security, ethics, regulation or facilitating user adoption, selecting the right tech stack or navigating internal stakeholders - we’ll help you tackle every challenge you might face along the way.

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Customer Testimonials

Bringing the right expertise at the right time

Our world- class people

Our state-of-the art AI tech stack

Deep functional and domain expertise

Cutting-edge data, ML & cloud expertise through continuous investment in applied research

Rigorous project management skills

Risk capabilities for secure solutions & trustworthy AI

Distributed ML6 network of knowledge available for project teams

Modular, best-in-class boilerplates that accelerate impact and secure development

Continuously updated view on the latest tech stack and tools available on the market

GCP, AWS & Azure expertise

Managed services to support & maintain solutions

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Our Philosophy

We think business

From our first point of contact, we truly emerge ourselves in your organisation to completely understand your needs and define how we can create the most value for you. Together, we define what success looks like.

We deliver as promised

We have years of experience to build on to assess the feasibility of proposed solutions, anticipate complexities, estimate timelines and build business cases. This way, we can propose a pragmatic & realistic roadmap to get to measurable results as quickly as possible.

We are flexible and agile

We take a flexible and agile approach to deliver our projects. This way of working allows us to adapt to new discoveries and insights, and quickly pull in the right expertise at the right time to move projects forward rapidly and successfully.

We innovate together

We work alongside our clients in a collaborative approach, with a big emphasis on transparent communication and knowledge transfer to internal teams. This collaboration can take multiple forms: we can manage projects end-to-end, we can co-create solutions together with internal teams and we can empower internal teams through on-the-job coaching on engineering best practices and specific topics.

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